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Welcome to MobCast! We create high quality products that will make your life better.

Who We Are
We are your mobile technology partner in the business whenever and wherever there is a need to provide more value, consider - human resources, onboarding, corporate communication, learning, engagement, sales. You name it, we serve it.
What We Do
We have created an ICONIC product, MobCast, an app which is changing the face of Enterprise Communication and Learning today.
How We Do It?
You make us do it. Our dedicated team of highly experienced, talented and up-to-date tech team is constantly on their toes delivering your ideas.

Client Stories

SBI General
Launched in April 2016, SBI General has been using MobCast app extensively for their training programs and announcements. Along with their employees, they have engaged their agents too across regions for training and providing learning material. The app is carefully been demarcated into various tabs based on their Product categories for training purposes. A top class filtration tool is in place which eases the use of the learning material available in the app for frictionless access whenever required.
Sanofi India MobCast app is focused on Field Force engagement. All announcements and news are effectively communicated to ‘feet on street’. Apart from general announcement module, the field force has access to KYC (Know Your Competitor) module using which they can share competitor information and their inputs through notes, images and videos. Another useful module is ‘My Performance’ where every employee can see their performance comparing achievements vis a vis their targets in a graphical representation on the app. A module called ‘POST’ reflects the views, suggestions and comments that are shared by employees.
‘HR App’ as they famously call MobCast, is extensively used for all HR related activities be it salary, payout, reimbursements, grievance redressal, training, announcements, achievements, recruitment and more. Grievance module is crafted carefully with real time notification and chat option to address concerns raised by employees on/off roll. This boosts confidence of employees in the app and they turn to Mobcast for all their requirements related to HR.
‘RMC Umang’ MobCast is a multi-module app covering a wide array of subjects or topics. The app is easy reference for HR policies anytime, anywhere. Being concrete manufacturers, their concern for safety of laborers is of utmost importance, hence, lot of videos and documents explaining safety measures is shared through the app. The app is of great help to Marketing team as they have quick access to product brochures and videos which they can further share with their prospects via email option in the app. With work there is a fun corner too called “Masti Ki Pathshala”, where celebration pictures are uploaded by employees and likes and comments follow.

Meet Our Professional Team

team member
Founder & CEO @ MobCast Innovations
Ashwin is the Founder and CEO of MobCast which was bootstrapped in 2013. Before his entrepreneurial journey, he has held sales and marketing leadership roles in some of the most interesting tech companies including Indus OS, Netcore Solutions, Directi and IBM. He is an MBA in Marketing from Mumbai University and is a Computer Science Graduate.
    team member
    Product Head @ MobCast Innovations
    Currently handling the product roadmap for the suite of products under the MobCast umbrella as Product Lead, Rishi has been responsible for user experience, interaction and usability of products developed in his 5 year career in the industry. His critical role involved building MobCast in the initial growth phase. Prior to MobCast Rishi was heading product development for Timesaverz. He has completed his Diploma and Graduated from University of Mumbai, additionally completing a semester of Masters degree at New York University. With MobCast since Inception
      team member
      Co-Founder @ MobCast Innovations
      Before starting up with Ashwin Roy Choudhary, Anup as an employee has had experience in handling customers/clients with company, Sutherland. With around 10 years of experience, Anup is currently looking at the Operational functioning in the company and also has a knack to design. His remarkable contribution in making the product look good is acknowledged across clients.
        team member
        Business Head @ MobCast Innovations
        With a strong background in sales, Varun joined MobCast to deepen the product's penetration in the market. He comes with 6+ years of experience ranging from a SME to a MNC. He is responsible for ensuring MobCast finds its way into different industries and vice versa, market needs and demands are inculcated in the product road map. He is a Bachelor in Business Administration with major in Marketing from Pune University" With MobCast since July 2015