The Employee Attendance App that's as easy as breathing & as free as fresh air

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MarkME is a totally awesome attendance & leave management platform for companies

Enterprises can go live with us in less than 60 minutes with absolutely ZERO infrastructure requirements. With our super ability to capture location and photo of the employee in addition to time – we have you completely covered!

Top features
Easy to markIN, markOUT, apply for leave, picture, time and location while punching is captured, view your monthly attendance in the app.
Manager Dashboard
Managers can check the real-time status of their team’s timings, attendance status and even approve leaves via the app in seconds.
Quick Settings
Login using mobile number, wi-fi mapping to the device, set the in/ out time to receive notifications.

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Some of the top features are it is faster and easier to use than any other solution. You have integrated reporting to get all of the information back from your tracking easily. Track as many people you want all in the same place.

Pull out a detailed report to view information on any single employee or a summary report to view punch timings of all or each employee


You have a lot on your plate so the app reminds you to check in or out in the beginning and end of office hours so you don’t miss punching


Managers can get real-time status reports of their team’s attendance status and IN/OUT timings on the mobile app. Such transparency helps the manager to plan leaves and assign tasks


Comfortable user interface designed specially for mobile devices so it’s easy to use, fast and even good looking

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