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Once upon a time...


We started 'MobCast' in 2013, because all employee centric platforms were ugly, slow & ‘built for web - squeezed on mobile’. A thoughtfully built mobile first platform was a game-changer and meant a profitable business.

However, over the years - through countless touching stories we have heard from our users, we realise the real value is the deep impact 'MobCast' has on helping them achieve their true potential and life goals. We have transitioned into a company with a singular mission to help 10 million “employees achieve their dreams” over the next 5 years.


Through exceptional design and technology, we have built incredible products that effectively digitalise & amplify the five pillars of employee experience.

  • Onboarding
  • Learning & Upskilling
  • Engagement & Collaboration
  • Sales Acceleration
  • Team Chat


We serve companies with large, geographically spread, fast growing workforce leveraging the 'MobCast' platform. We have customers in Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Consumer Durables.

If your employees matter to you and you are serious about their growth - you must talk to us once.


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Archna Lalingkar

Is very really useful for heading knowledge and getting update for the digital business pattern. It has improved our confidence level in this crucial condition of lockdown. Thank you so much edelweiss for the app.

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Best Retail Technology Award 2020 < RAI >


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Best L&D Tool (People Matters)


Best HR Tech App (Outlook)


At 'MobCast' - we consider ourselves as a country and all of its close to 8,50,000 users as its residents. Our vision is to enable each and every person to be their best versions. We do that by leveraging technology to bridge the gap between their current performance and peak potential.